Monday, April 21, 2008

Embracing chaos

I live a pretty predictable life. It's mostly by design. Humans crave predicable routines...and I've created a pretty comfortable life.

Bringing T home will change all of this. I've decided that I'm going to embrace it.

The life I'm living now, while very comfortable, isn't a fair reflection of how unpredictable life can be. A child can teach parents to live with chaos, making it easier to live with change.

Back in college, there was a time when I lived with less predictability. It was liberating.

In a world religions class I took back in college I learned about an Eastern religion belief that happiness comes from the ability to accept change. We even watched a film where the narrator demonstrated the belief by sitting in a chair and explaining that no matter what happens, no matter what he or anyone else does...he cannot remain sitting in that chair forever. Believing that you can somehow control this will inevitably lead to disappointment.

Again, humans like to create predictability...we don't always like to accept that we're not in control.

I like to be in control, and have been fortunate enough to afford it and fortunate that I've not had to cope with dramatic change recently.

Bringing a child into our life will take away some measure of control over our own lives. I'm ready to embrace the happiness that liberation brings.


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Gem & James said...

Hi Kyle,
Brilliant post, can totally and utterly relate, I am certainly going to also embrace the shake up that our future child will bring.
so excited for you guys, not long now