Thursday, March 13, 2008

USCIS and the Hague Convention

We're encountering some minor snags with immigration paperwork. We sent our I600 (to classify T as a relative) to the immigration office that processed the I600A (advance processing). This was the instruction we received from our agency. The form was returned to us, telling us we need to send it to Thailand to be processed. Hmmm.... Our agency contact isn't sure why this would have happened, but seems to think that if we do this, we'll be at best: delayed in Thailand for a few extra days, or at worst: delayed in Thailand for a few extra weeks. We're doing some research on the USCIS website to see if we can contact someone else for more answers before we decide how to handle this.

While on the USCIS page, I read some interesting information related to the adoption of the Hague Convention. For families who are adopting through a Hague Adoption Convention country (Thailand is one of the 74 who have adopted the convention), the I600 will be replaced by the I800 beginning on April 1st, 2008. We're in a sketchy gray area of in-betweenedness. Since our I600A was already approved, the U.S. will allow us to complete our adoption with an I600 (instead of filing an I800). However, they don't guarantee that the I600 will be acceptable to the sending country. So, if Thailand requires it, we may need to file the I800 anyway. Unfortunately, I have no idea how we determine if this will be the case. The USCIS doesn't list which countries will require this (as they probably have no idea, either). I am glad that the adoption convention is being implemented to better ensure ethical adoptions for all involved. I just wish I understood what is expected of us!

Click here to read the USCIS Fact Sheet re: new forms and centralized review of forms. There's also a handy "Questions and Answers" link along the right sided of the page with good information.



Anonymous said...

if there is a chance of having problems in the future that they are not currently aware of cant you just do the 1800 even though you have the 1600A, and file the 1800 instead and pull the 1600A out, if that waffle makes sense, or will drag things out too long. Things are never ever easy in the world of adoption, little hurdles to keep us on our toes. Best wishes for everything, its a shame you dont speak thai as might be easier to ring DSDW in thailand and ask them direct.

Anonymous said...

Hey there,

We had problems too. Though ours were different. I had to submit Manatsanan's original paperwork, they would not take copies. I HATED turning over her original birth certificate and paperwork with her birth mothers original handwriting for fear it would be "misplaced" or lost. Anyway...I did walk it into the Boston CIS office and they approved it and returned it safe and sound. Now, from what you are saying it could all be for nothing and we may have to file an I800 in Bangkok anyway. Oh can not be helped...I guess we go with the flow. Hope all is well with you guys!

Amy Holland

Benisch Family said...


Thanks so much for the kind comment on our blog, it really made me feel like I was part of a community.
I have an email into our home study agency, but it looks like we will have to fill out the I800a and I800. Just when I thought I was ahead of the game :-)