Sunday, March 2, 2008


Robin has been working on creating a Lifebook for T. (A lifebook is a book with detailed, age-appropriate information about a adopted/foster child's entire life, starting at birth. A lifebook has many purposes, including to preserve their history, make the child feel cared for and important, identify feelings of loss, address identity issues, connect to their history and culture, help build trust and attachment, and cope with feelings of loss.)

She's mostly been researching the topic and trying to generate ideas.

She mentioned to me that she was thinking of creating a binder, so that we could have the ability modify and build on his story as he grows older.

I suggested we take a look at an online service Robin discovered at Christmas time. She used a Web site called Blurb to create a book for me as a Christmas gift. It contained all the highlights from our blog from the past year. It's great! I love reading it. It's amazing how enjoyable it is to see your own words in print.

It's relatively inexpensive to print these books, and since you can save your work, it's easy to go back and reprint. So, without having done all the homework on it yet, this would appear to be a nice option.

The clincher for me is that I am not very good with hands-on handicraft type things. I'm much more proficient at Photoshop.


Note from Robin: While researching lifebooks, I found a website with online adoption courses. Adoption Learning Partners has 10 interesting-looking courses on various topics related to adoption that may satisfy learning credits for PAPs. Most courses cost $30-$45, but 3 are available free of charge after registering (at no charge) on the site: Becoming your child's best advocate (Help for adoptive parents), Lifebooks, and Adoption tax credit. The Lifebooks course is very thorough and offers lots of concrete examples of information to include and age-appropriate wording to use. I've only gotten through about half of the course so far, but it's easy to use and I'll refer back to it. If you check it out, make sure to click on the occasional little icons along the left side of the lessons to open windows showing examples of lifebook pages and wording samples. I almost missed them and they are the most helpful aspect of the course, in my opinion.


Jay and Chandra Regan said...

I've been working on a Life Book for about a year now. I took some ideas from a baby book I'd given to a friend and changed things around to apply to our daughter's unique life. I'm putting my pages in a binder so that I can keep adding to it as needed. I think it'll be so much fun as no one will have one like hers. It'll be as unique as her. Wish I could have been at Hannah's party, too. Great getting to know you guys!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the info!

Amy Holland

Julie said...
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Julie said...

Thanks for all the info. I started a lifebook for Panit after our rererral and keep adding to it as we find out more information. I went to a workshop last year on lifebooks ans found this gave me some great ideas.

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