Friday, March 21, 2008


Robin and I each got bracelets like this in an Easter care package from my mom. It's a thoughtful gift that keeps T with us all day.

T also got some gifts. He got a toy and a great outdoor hat (it's so cute!)

Now, to find out how to eat this candy without doing it all at once...



Hannah said...

That's a great bracelet - where did she find it/order it? What a nice idea! Hope things work out and we'll see you for Songkran.

Chris, Terri, Matt and Mark said...

Oh I love the bracelet. I have one with Matt and Mark on it. I've often thought about adding Mia but we're so far off that I'm too nervous! I just did the math on application to referral for you guys and cannot believe that it was only 9 months! I'm hoping for 16-18 months. We'll see!

TracyMcGal said...

Love the bracelets. Your time is coming soon! Hope your ready and getting lots and lots of sleep! I am in a exhausted place right now. I am curious to see how you update all of your blogs after Thanu comes home.:) It is a wonderful but definate change in your life. I am just praying for sleep!

Kevin and Kathleen said...

Robin and Kyle,

Your son is precious! We have been following your blog and we love it! We know what an anxious time this can be for the 2 of you. We look forward to hearing about travel news and keep you and your son in our thoughts.

Kathleen, Kevin and Abby Liz
Journey to Shaun