Tuesday, March 25, 2008


While we await travel approval, I've been trying to get prepared for the day we get the call, so we have a plan for what we do after that. That means looking at possible flight scenarios.

Both of us have spent some considerable time online researching this issue. We've booked many flights in our day, but this trip is very different: we need a one way ticket...we need flexibility in scheduling flights...we care about how many lay-overs we have...and we want to take advantage of any benefits airlines extend to adoptive families.

Complicating the issue is the fact that we would prefer to fly on an Asian airline, namely Thai Airways. We've heard glowing reviews, particularly when compared to many domestic carriers. Ideally, we would like to fly to one of the coasts, and fly to Bangkok from there...but we're open to all ideas.

I know many of our readers have gone through this before, so I'd be curious to hear what you did, your rationale, and how it worked out for you.



Julie said...

We have just booked with Thai to go from New Zealand to Chaing Mai. We found that it was slightly more expensive than some other airlines, but a more direct route for us. They also had the flexible tickets we needed. They have been very helpful so far. We have had great reports about them too.

Anonymous said...

Hi there

We are most likely going to fly Thai Air non-stop from NY. Heard it is 17 hours and very comfortable.

Did you get your CIS prob resolved?

Amy Holland

Hannah said...

We flew from Chicago to Narita (Japan) and then on to Bangkok. It was United airlines the entire trip. The layovers were short and not really an issue. I've heard great things about the Asian airlines but that didn't work for us. Our flights were nice (although coming home our flight staff kinda stunk). We arranged for Jesse's "ticket" there - because we didn't buy him is own seat.

Anonymous said...

More glowing reviews for Thai Air - Premium Economy was awesome, and at the time we travelled, barely more than economy. Staff were amazing, food was delicious, and tons of leg room along with a power plug in for our laptop computer. I was worried I wouldn't do well with a 17 hour flight, but the flight was over before I knew it, and I was thankful for not having to spend long layovers in other airports. BKK to LAX was only 14 hours so very nice. We did have to spend the night in Los Angeles before flying on home, but it wasn't bad at all. We'll be excited to hear you have your travel call and are on your way to Thanu! We still have your Christmas card picture on our fridge, and K loves to look at it!

Anonymous said...

Our rational which still holds a lot of validity when you travel with a child (based on our experience) is that you want to definitely have almost no layover if possible in our case we took the most direct flight from Portland - which required on layover at Narita - a great airport to have a layover - it has playrooms, dayrooms, showers and is just plain nice (good coffee too). Unfortunately for us it required us to have the longest leg with NW and it was just bad - on the way over we really didn't have issues with the staff but on the way back it was plain bad and they were super rude. Next time I may fly down to LAX (as much as my hubby hates that airport) and take a non-stop to BKK from there with an ASIAN CARRIER.

We flew JAL from Narita and back and we had absolutely excellent treatment and their bassinette was awesome - if you end up flying a domestic carrier don't bother with a bassinette because it was literally a cardboard box - Khirissa ended up sleeping in my arms.

While in Thailand we flew Thai Air and Bangkok Air and I was super impressed with the level of service even on such short flights (the ones we took within Thailand). You can buy a child lap seat with the name of Thanus before you leave the states we did that and it work out just fine - one less thing to worry about - you need to use his legal (birth) name. My husband has traveled quite a bit to Malaysia and China and he loves Singapore Air (they are a bit expensive but when you look at their layout is impressive the amount of leg room you get).

Bottom line if you can afford it - make your longest leg an Asian Carrier you will feel like you are getting the treatment of first class in any domestic carrier. Yes, I'm still upset about our flight back with NW - I got sort of scolded for coming up and asking for help.

Feel free to email me with any questions you may have. Did I already recommend getting away from Bangkok for the weekend with Thanus - if not do so - it was so worth it, even when you think you are ready for some normalcy. The level of bonding improved before the long flight and we got to relax before coming back and taking on the unknown of flying with a young one a long ways!


Gem & James said...


Singapore Airlines are also really really good