Thursday, February 28, 2008

Juno on NewsHour

Robin and I finally got out to see Juno recently. We've been intrigued by the level of discussion about this movie in the adoption community.

Overall, we liked it. The casting was great.

One of the things that bugged us about it was the happy ending. After Juno gives birth, the adoptive mother takes custody, there's a bit of crying, but then everything is perfect and there's a happy little ending.

It's a movie, so happy endings are to be expected. But we're keenly aware that this is not how life typically proceeds for birth mothers.

I was watching NewsHour tonight, and was pleased to hear a segment about the movie that validated our concerns. You can listen for yourself.

Robin says there's also more about Juno in Adoptive Families this month. I'll get to reading that soon!



SaraLynn said...

Hello! I came across your blog and I have to say congrats on the adoption! he is adorable!

I haven't seen Juno yet, but I agree that it isn't always the happiest of endings for the birth mothers.

Good luck with everything. If it is okay,I will check back to see how it goes. How exciting!

Gem & James said...

Hi, agree with you on all points, Gem

Anonymous said...

Hey you guys - we (me and a friend) loved this movie...true it doesn't explore the what happens after the baby leaves to the BM but in all it leaves you with the sense of the adoption was what was best for all parties involved - in particular the child.