Saturday, February 23, 2008

Meeting adoptive families

Robin and I were in Illinois today for a birthday party hosted by Hannah and Sam for their son Jesse. He's turning 2 and they also celebrated the finalization of his adoption.

Hannah was handing out these pins, which Robin wore proudly. (Thanks!)

It was wonderful to see their family again. They're doing very well.

We also got to meet a number of other adoptive families. There is a wealth of experience and stories out there, and we're hungry to take in as much of it as we can.

For those who were there (since I know many of you will read this), thanks for your hospitality and support.

Happy Birthday Jesse!


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Anonymous said...

Well, hey, you 2 -- great to meet you -- we will be happy to share our lofty insights on perfect parenting at any time :-)

If you knew life in our household you would know how hard I am laughing right now. What a bummer that each kid does not come with an individualized parenting manual. Fortunately they are resilient little creatures who will take pains to teach you what they need.

Seriously, we wish you a speedy & uncomplicated process and look forward to seeing you at many future get-togethers. Please let your local friends whose SN adoption is pending know that that goes for them, too.

Julie H, chicago