Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Guest Blogger: Punkin answers your questions

Robin: Gemma asked a question about how we will introduce T and our cocker spaniel, Punkin. I've asked Punkin to address that very good question.

Punkin: Hello everyone, I'm happy to be here. For the last year or so, Kyle and Robin have been telling me that I'm going to be a big sister. I'm pretty excited about that. I'm so looking forward to having a little brother to give me attention that I even don't mind the mild abuse I'm starting to notice.

Robin has started pulling on my ears, poking me in the face, and being rougher with me in general. She even takes my food away while I'm eating. I don't really understand why, but she said something about getting me used to T not respecting my personal space. She should know by now that I'm a total pushover and won't react to this nonsense, but she persists.

That I can handle. What I really hate is when Kyle takes a stuffed animal and starts giving it all of his attention. I don't get it. He'll carry it around, petting it and talking to it, and completely ignore me. This makes me very sad, and I always try to stick my nose or paw in between the stuffed animal and Kyle. "Pay attention to me!" I say in dog language. He doesn't seem to understand, because he continues to ignore me. I'm so jealous! I guess I'm going to have to learn to be second fiddle for awhile. Boy, I can't wait for T to be old enough to give me lots of scratches!

As for preparing T to meet me, I don't think Robin or Kyle have any plans for that. They doubt his foster family has pets, but don't know for sure. I overheard Robin saying something about me getting extended vacation at her parents' house if our initial meeting doesn't go very well. I don't think they have anything to worry about. T and I will be fast friends, and I'm more than willing to share all my new toys with him. (How did they think I was going to use a shape sorter, anyway? I don't even have thumbs!)


Anonymous said...

three words...

"Move over Punkin'!"

ha ha

Amy Holland

Anonymous said...

Don't worry. Dogs are so smart--smarter than we give them credit for. I'm confident that Punkin will accept Thanu as a member of the pack. We have 2 GIANT Lab/Rottie mixes. We had them for 3years before we had kids. They were the center of our lives. All of a sudden we had our first child and shortly after that, our twins were born. The dogs never even flinched. They immediately accepted the babies. They are so loving and protective. Lots of tail grabbing and eye poking goes on here and the dogs just keep wagging their tails asking for more! The only suggestion I have is to get a tape of a baby crying and play that a lot to get Punkin used to the sound. Our dogs got a little nervous about the crying. They'd just run between the babies and us frantically whining. It was very sweet. Best of luck and congratulations!

A loyal reader and future Thai adoptive parent! :)

Gem & James said...

You are hands down the masters of dog adjustment, I had better take notes :).

Our older dog is really soft, the younger one is still boystrous, but James has started a similar training system not quite so organised yet, he calls it "Hinder Puppy" basically holding the riggling pup and not letting him go, the pup used to get a bit moody to start with, but he just accepts it now, so thats a start. Most important habit we need to get the pup out of is licking hands, just really annoying amongst other things. That tip above about getting them used to crying sounds great, my niece has a creepy real looking doll that cries and makes messes, maybe we should buy one of those for the dogs.

Mrs. Mark Arni said...

Hang in there, Punkin'! Thanu will be one more person for you to love and protect. Your mom and dad will have plenty of love for both of you!!!
Chris in Ohio

TracyMcGal said...

OK, I'm going to tell you about our first baby. He is now 14 years old. He's a Pekignese. He is VERY grumpy. He bites everyone except Joel and I. Bit both of my kids when they were babies. I would have gotten rid of him but Joel wouldn't let me. The kids friends know to stay away from Genghis Kahn. We nailed it when we named him. He is a lot slower now a days with cataracts, missing teeth, and arthritis. Now that Seth is on his way Genghis might be on his way out. I have told Joel that one snap and Genghis is going to meet Jesus.
We also have a Whippet that we bought for the kids to play with. She is wonderful and fits in so well with the family.
I'm sure Punkin will do fine. Genghis was biting way before the kids came.

Anonymous said...

I would recommend taking a small album filled with pictures of Punkin, and a video/sound clip if possible. Our daughter loved looking at the pictures of our dog, and we would pretend like we were petting him, etc. Once we got home, they were instant friends.