Saturday, February 23, 2008

Getting our bearings

I could spend hours playing around on Google Earth. I didn't know what a map geek I was until I found this fun little program.

Naturally, I've spent a lot of time exploring Thailand from space. The images of Bangkok are high resolution, so I can get a pretty good sense for where everything is. I've already marked the locations where we plan on going...and can even see which sky trains will get us there.

I've visited many cities in the US and Europe, and there is always a "getting acquainted" period that lasts between a few hours and a few days. But with this tool, I feel like I'm already somewhat acquainted with Bangkok. It will be interesting to see if I'm right.



Gem & James said...

i love google earth, its great. It is fun to sneak a peak at my relations homes in the UK from time to time.

Julie said...
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Julie said...

What a great idea. will have to check out Chiang Mai.

Hanna & said...

We also love Google earth.
Never thought that spying arround could be that much fun.
Greetings from Belgium.
Hanna, Elke en Maarten