Sunday, February 10, 2008

Arrg! Car seat advice wanted!

I spent too much time reading about car seats this week. I'm sure anyone who has purchased one recently has navigated this craziness. Yes, all pass US safety tests. But they are obviously not all the same, and US safety tests are at relatively low speeds. I want a convertible seat (can be used rear-facing, then front facing as he grows) since he'll already be a year old when he comes home. Ideally, I want one with good side impact protection and that's comfy to sleep in, since the grandparents are all at least 90 minutes away. How the heck do you chose? Does anyone use a seat they recommend?


Anonymous said...

Hi Robin and Kyle! We have the Britax Marathon and love it!

TracyMcGal said...

We too have just purchased a Britax Marathon. The 2007 models are on Ebay right now. I have had advice from more than one person who say that you get what you pay for in car seats. Many agree that Britax is best. We still have Will's and it is in great shape. That is saying a WHOLE lot!!!! We liked the Marathon b/c it goes up to 65 lbs. Will is 4 and is 47 lbs. So, Seth will be able to use it on up until we move him to a booster. Also, be sure to get a professional to check your seat and your car. They say that 80% of car seats are put in improperly. We have had a certified person from the local hospital, car dealerships, and poice men to our MOPS meetings before. There is some kind of certification they have to get to be able to check seats.
Sorry so long, I am big on car seats. :-)

Anonymous said...

Just want to chime in about Britax...they are expensive but you can't go wrong with a Britax! Have the place you buy it from show you how to install it properly in your car. Then have it checked by whoever "checks carseat installation" in your community. (In Massachusetts it is the local police station.)We bought one with when my 7 year old was born, it has been through 2 kids and our third will use it too!

Good luck!

Amy Holland

Courtney said...

We just got the Marathon too. We love it.

Hanna said...

Still on track. Lovely to hear.
Hanna is sitting in a Toby (maxi-cosi), and she loves it. A queen on her trone. And a very save seat to. But we don't know if they sell them in the States.
Greetz and hear from you soon.
US3. Hanna, Elke & Maarten

Anonymous said...

We have a Graco comfortsport which has been working fine for us. Seems to be well padded, Joey has not given us any official complaints about his seat!
Anne and Jay

Journey to Sophia Grace said...
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