Sunday, January 6, 2008

How we learned to pronounce our son's name

The weekend after we got T's referral, we celebrated by eating at Nee's Taste of Thai in Janesville. We showed the waitress a picture of T and asked if she could teach us how to pronounce his name. She gladly helped us out (of course, we'd been saying it incorrectly) and seemed truly excited for us. She came back to our table halfway through our meal to ask if we had any more pictures she could see, and we chatted for a long time about how she spent a few years working in an orphanage in Bangkok, her family in Thailand, and our mutual desire to visit Ching Mai (and avoid the beaches) this summer. She volunteered her family in Bangkok to help us out when we travel-Thai hospitality is amazing. She's hoping to visit Thailand this summer, too, so if we're REALLY lucky we could be there at the same time. She was so sweet, and we exchanged phone numbers. We went back for dinner this weekend and she recognized us immediately. Before we were even seated, she was asking if we had any more news about T. I hope we can work up the courage to have her and her husband over for dinner sometime.



Jay and Chandra Regan said...

Oops! I started writing my message to you in Japanese. Unfortunately, I learned Japanese and not Thai when I was younger. But how fun it is to learn more about the Thai language and culture, isn't it? We also just ate at a Thai restaurant and experienced the wonderful gift of Thai hospitality. I hope we'll get to see you this summer in Bangkok!

TracyMcGal said...

I opened my new Pottery Barn magazine yesterday and they have a knit elephant like yours! You are so in fashion. They also have a whole collection of Changs.

Teri said...

Your son has a beautiful name. We pronouned our daughters name wrong for quite a while after receiving the referal. Her name is Ganya but the G is pronounced "K" so her name is pronounced con ya.

Hirally said...

So sweet...I was having a waiter at a Thai restaurant teach me how to say sawadee correctly and how to do the wai correctly yesterday - too funny.

You should for sure have them over for dinner or maybe meet them up for coffee.