Monday, January 14, 2008

Spiffed-up furniture, a jazzy rug, and Herman the Worm

My sister Meredith was invaluable with helping me tackle painting furniture for Thanu's playroom this weekend. The furniture was all stuff we had as kids that needed some serious freshening up. I picked the colors and she got me going. I would have hemmed and hawed about what exactly to do for another good month or two. Instead, we started Saturday around lunch time and we had more than first coats on everything before she left Saturday night. We even got cute fabric to make a back for the little bookcase. (Mod Podge is one of the greatest inventions of all time. How did I not know about this stuff?)

I was so pumped to finish the project, I painted most of Sunday (instead of doing other important things that needed attending to). The little chairs didn't make it into the after shot, as they still need another coat of orange paint. I adore the rug. It's a gift from my good friend Erika.

Do you see the "Herman the Worm" derby car I made as a kid? Did anyone else sing that song at camp? Thinking back, it's a little disturbing. Herman grows bigger and bigger as he eats his own family members one at a time. Hmmm....loved it as a kid, though!

I'm so pleased with how everything came out. I've never thought of myself as being creative or craftily inclined before. But it turned out cute if I do say so myself. Now bring on the books and toys to fill those shelves! (JUST KIDDING, GRANDPARENTS!)



Gem and James said...

hello its Gem in Australia we used to visit each others blogs when I had mine turned on, however finally have come back to visiitng blogs and had to comment on yuor fanastic news, gorgeous and I wish you a speedy speedy approval to travel. As for us everyting is great, James came back from Afghanistan safe and sound, most importantly we can finally get down to the real waiting as our file has finally gone to thailand. We also went to thailand for a few weeks and had our belated wedding ceremony over there, was amazing with the blessing in buddhist temple, followed by a traditonal village ceremony in the mountains of chiang mai where the elders of the village blessed us. We also visited an orphanage and made donations, glad to say the kiddies were well looked after. So anyways I will keep popping in and saying hello, but i wont turn my own blog back on until i have some exciting allocation news as otherwise i will just go loopy looking at the ticker timer :) Gem x

Robin and Kyle said...

Gem! It's great to hear from you. We were worried about you guys - I'm glad things are going well and that your file is in Thailand. Congratulations on your wedding! You should open your blog and post pictures!! I bet it was just beautiful. Good luck on a speedy referral, and we hope to hear from you again soon.


Hirally said...

Good for you in getting such a great head start - you really never know when the call may come!!!

Hirally :)