Friday, January 11, 2008

Random thoughts after shopping

I am not a shopper, but I love a bargain. (It's genetic - my grandmother's parents bought a whole barnful of insulation because it was such a good deal. No - they didn't need any of it.)

I hit a great clearance sale today and bought a ton of clothes for T for $30 total. With the final price tag so low, it's no tragedy if T can't wear these next fall/winter - I can always donate them.

Since I've gotten T's picture, I feel like I'm now "allowed" to be in that section of the store. In my (over-actively imaginative) head, there's a gatekeeper at the start of the kid's section:
"Excuse me, ma'am. You'll have to stop right there. You don't have a child, so you don't belong here. Move along."
(All of the mothers in the section raise their heads and narrow their eyes in my direction.)
"But sir, I do have a son - he's in Thailand. Look - here's his picture. We are bringing him home this summer."
"Well by all means, shop away! And happy travels!"
I have to admit, it was a little sad having to pass up all of the really small items because he's already past those sizes, and I missed seeing him that little. Standing there with my stack of clothes in 18-24 month and 2T sizes, I was a bit amazed. Will I *really* have a kid this big at this time next year? It's a bit surreal.

At the checkout, a very pregnant young woman was behind the register. She looked down at her large belly and said she'd love to stock up for next year, too, but didn't know what size to buy. I confided that I was just guessing, as we're adopting our boy and won't meet him until this summer. Her face lit up and she said, "Wow, that's so nice that you have it so easy and don't have to carry him around with you for 9 months!" I smiled and thought, well, easier in some ways, harder in others. I told her that perhaps that's true, but I was a little worried about how we'd carry around a one-year-old with no gradual buildup, and we've started to lift weights. She was really friendly and asked lots of questions about the adoption. It was kind of a funny encounter - 2 first time moms, both looking a little nervous about what they are in for. =)



Jay and Chandra Regan said...

I know what you mean about wondering what size to buy. I'm afraid to buy anything since our daughter is a preteen and you know how they can grow quickly all of a sudden. Still waiting for a referral with her latest measurements. Boy, it's hard waiting!

Glen and Andrea said...

I IDENTIFY! I IDENTIFY!! If only you could pop over for a chat! I feel all those same feelings. And shopping for our boy gives me so much pleasure (and he deserves it) but I am totally not worried about maybe not being able to use some things as I am going to donate them all to Orphans aid. Shopping + helping orphans/orphanages = happy me =) I was born to shop for babies/children!

TracyMcGal said...

Haven't done much clothes shopping for Seth as Will has TONS of clothes. My mother is a shop-a- holic. Our kids and my nephew have closets packed with clothes.
But, Lord forgive me if I ever thought adopting was easier than giving birth. Let me just say it ISN'T!! It is ten times harder and I have missed Seth being a newborn. I don't mean for this to sound harsh but shame on ladies who say such insensitive things. They are clueless.

Hannah said...

Robin - thanks for the heads up on the sale. I recognized the packaging and went to buy stuff for Ian next fall. :) great deals!

Hirally said...

I must say - I've been shopping a little more lately for little girl and it is so hard decide on the sizing - I know pretty Thai girls that are smaller than their US counterparts but I also know pretty Thai girls that are bigger than their US no matter where from grow a very different rates even with D there were things that fit earlier and others latter - manufactures also vary in sizing (example gymboree tends to run big on boy's clothing per my experience - old navy is pretty right on)!!! On the upside kids then to level out around 1.5 and their growth spurts slow down.

I also understand so badly the missing those first months of W life and not being able to buy the little tiny clothes.

And to Tracy's point - peep's could sound unsensitive sometimes - but no one really knows what it takes to go through an adoption unless you have been there (or are a close friend/family of someone adopting). I even get upset at people saying mean things about a young mother leaving their child for someone else to care for them - but that is a different soapbox!!! :)