Sunday, January 13, 2008


From the Amazing Race tonight:

"Jen and I know absolutely nothing about Taiwan, except that Thai food is pretty good".



Glen and Andrea said...

Fantastic! I've had a few people ask if we will be learning Taiwanese so we can speak to our child!

Hirally said...

Too funny - Chad and I were laughing so hard at them...did you catch when he said "I have a few Thai friends". People can be so ignorant of the world we leave in - not that I'm a total wiz at geography but man...Taiwan vs Thailand that is pretty major!

Gosh, I love this show - glad to know a fellow HoltAP also likes it!!


Hannah said...

My mom and I jumped for joy after Sunday's episode! After the Thai comment we both rolled our eyes and laughed. Not to be mean....but....I think they deserve each other :)