Thursday, January 31, 2008


Our Ergo arrived in the mail this week, and Robin and I are already trying it out.

I carried around a bag of flour all afternoon today. I'm quickly finding out which of my muscles need attention. The good news is they're now getting a workout.

It's a nice fit and there are a lot of options for carrying baby.

Of course, I can't wear this everywhere, but I wish I could. I've been looking for a way to get into shape without it costing me more of my time. Lugging around weight on my chest all day long would surly strengthen my back.

The diapers also arrived this week. Getting some practice with those could be an entirely different kind of adventure.


Edited by Robin: I came home from work tonight to find Kyle carrying a sack of flour in the Ergo. Ha! It's already a tad dirty ("I was cooking dinner!"). His back was starting to want a break, so I offered to wear it for awhile. While taking off the carrier, he DROPPED the 10lb bag of flour on the floor with a loud BANG! Yikes! More practice necessary for sure!!!


Hirally said...

I love it - so funny!!!

Believe me changing diapers will be the least of your dilemmas as a parent!!!!


TracyMcGal said...

So funny. I hope to get our Ergo this weekend at our shower. Just to make you feel better - I was throwing Kara up in the air when she was 8 months and I DROPPED her! It was terrible. She was fine but I wasn't. Kids are resilient.