Monday, January 28, 2008

Alternative gift registry

Robin and I recently learned from some new friends (Jim and Courtney are also adopting through Thailand) about something called the "alternative gift registry".

We had been struggling with deciding how/where to register for gifts...and we knew we had to do something, because people were starting to ask.

Jim and Courtney recommended this site because it doesn't tie you to a specific retailer, so if you're not picky about specific brands, etc, it allows your friends and family to shop anywhere.

Better still, you can ask for second-hand stuff. It doesn't have to be "new" stuff. We are perfectly happy using well-loved items, and it keeps the landfills a little less cluttered.

We're still waiting to hear what friends and family think of it, but for our end, we're very happy with it.



Tasha said...

What a cool idea!

Hannah said...

Hey guys - I peeked at your registry and I know for sure I'm going to make you a CD! I have some of the coolest kids music around - maybe I'll do one lullaby and one playtime. :)

I'm sure I also have a ton of stuff in the garage and around. If you are still coming on the 23rd, maybe we can look at stuff. :)

Gem & James said...

completly off topic, but i was thinking as you are fellow dog owners so same issue probably in your brain, but does Thanu's foster family have a dog? I was wonderign if you have a plan on how to introduce dog and baby. I was thinking when we get allocated we might send a yapping toy dog, one of those ones that move, I guess to get used to the idea of a dog. I guess as we all own spaniels not too big a worry as they are really like big muppets anyway :)