Sunday, January 20, 2008

All talk

This week was filled with lots of adoption talk.

Tuesday night I gave a program on adoption to my P.E.O. chapter. I was delighted to be asked to speak, and they were a wonderful audience. I wasn’t sure exactly what to focus on (I could babble for hours, given the chance, as my poor lab-mate at work knows!). I spoke briefly about domestic vs. international adoption, but really focused more on our own process, since it’s what I know best. People asked lots of great questions, and I think T will be lucky to have so many super aunties in the group. I also discovered that some of my P.E.O. sisters have some really great connections to Thailand. One hosted an AFS daughter from Thailand, and one spent a month there with her sister (her sister worked in BKK for several years). I plan to pick their brains soon!

Saturday was equally fun. Kyle and I met a great couple waiting to travel to Thailand for their daughter. We met over coffee and traded stories. Kyle and I were excited to meet another couple who is: 1)young 2)adopting their first child 3)from Thailand 4)who live close by. We assumed we’d get along fine with at least these things in common. We didn’t expect to find so many other similarities between us, and we had a really lovely time. Oh – and we all decided our kids are going to marry each other. =)

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hi, have opened it and put wedding piccies up as requested! Gem x