Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Happy Birthday to the King of Thailand!

For the King's 80th birthday today, I packed Kyle a goodie bag of Thai treats, along with a news article about his birthday. He'll put them out at work today. Most of my co-workers probably wouldn't appreciate the gesture - even the biscotti I took in was too exotic for that crew ("Did you know these cookies are dry and hard?!").

I had planned to finally introduce myself as I bought these snacks at our local Asian market. I'm almost positive the family running the place is Thai - Thai products outnumber others 2 to one, there's a picture of the King on the wall, and there's always Thai music shows on the TV. So, as I checked out, I told the man I was buying all of the goodies "to celebrate the King's birthday tomorrow". He didn't react, just nodded and commented apologetically that he didn't have very many snacks, and then seemed very perplexed by my purchase of brown glutinous rice (I have a recipe for a dessert I'd like to try). So instead of being confused by my knowledge of the King's birthday, he was confused I bought brown sticky rice. Go figure. So I didn't introduce myself afterall. It'll be easier when we can go in with our kiddo. Darn my shyness!

I'm also wearing pink for the occasion. Apparently, pink shirts are now all the rage in Thailand since the King was spotted wearing one. See the article here.

Oh yeah, and squidgies rock! I don't know if that's their proper name, but that's what my brother-in-law calls them. Yummy fruity jello-ishness! I almost kept all the lychee ones for myself!


Hannah said...

Wow - you guys are really lucky to have store to buy stuff. I just figured the Asian markets around here were mostly Korean. Maybe I should check it out.

maybe we'll have Thai food for dinner tonight, in honor of the King :)

Robin and Kyle said...

By the way, the treats at work were a hit, although there were certainly some confused looks. They're used to getting donuts for treats.


Hirally said...

Have you tried Mangosteen - oh delicious!!! Don't know if you have a Trader Joe's nearby but they sell a dry freeze kind and my Thai friend said that if you let it melt in your mouth is very close to fresh flavor - can't wait to go to Thailand to try it out!!! In addition to our other reason to travel there!!! :)

Glad the goodies were a hit!!! And thank you for all of the information! The picture of you taking a pic of your shirt is pretty funny Robyn!

Hannah our asian market carry items from multiple countries so you should for sure check out the ones near you!! We found a Massamman Curry in a can - just add Chicken (or other veggies if you wish) but is a bit on the spicy side not too bad but it had enough heat for us not to give it to our son!