Sunday, November 25, 2007

First purchase

While we've done plenty of shopping related to the adoption, last night, I think, was the first time we think we actually broke down and bought something for our child.

We've been resisting it, figuring the earlier we start, the more stuff we'll get. We're trying to keep the "stuff" to a minimum.

We'd been looking for a small photo album to send to Thailand as soon as we get the referral. We found this one last night at a department store.

We plan to take pictures to put in it (including in the front cover you see here).

So, now we have to decide what pictures to include in it...we we're certainly not going to wait until the referral to get that done.

We're told we can be excused for making this purchase because once we get a referral, we're going to want to ship things like this immediately. Good advice from people who've been there.



Anonymous said...

That is a great purchase!!!

TracyMcGal said...

What a cute album. I couldn't find one when we were looking for albums. Can't wait for your referral!! Oh the fun!