Sunday, November 25, 2007

First purchase

While we've done plenty of shopping related to the adoption, last night, I think, was the first time we think we actually broke down and bought something for our child.

We've been resisting it, figuring the earlier we start, the more stuff we'll get. We're trying to keep the "stuff" to a minimum.

We'd been looking for a small photo album to send to Thailand as soon as we get the referral. We found this one last night at a department store.

We plan to take pictures to put in it (including in the front cover you see here).

So, now we have to decide what pictures to include in it...we we're certainly not going to wait until the referral to get that done.

We're told we can be excused for making this purchase because once we get a referral, we're going to want to ship things like this immediately. Good advice from people who've been there.


Thai music

Robin and I recently got some birthday CD's from Robin's sister, Meredith. One of them is The Rough Guide to the Music of Thailand.

It's hard to fit the music of an entire culture on one CD, but this is a fun CD to listen to.

As with any diverse sampling of music (including American), there are some tracks I like more than others.

Robin and I truly want to think of ourselves as becoming a Thai-American family, and gifts like this are a wonderful way to get us on our way. Of course, bringing a new culture into the home means more than just adding a few CD's to your collection, but we love listening to music, so it's a good place to get started.


Monday, November 19, 2007


It appears the famous Thailand smiles are a little wider these days :)

Here's an article from the Bangkok Post:

Country happier than ever in October

The Gross Domestic Happiness Index (GDHI) for October hit the highest point of the year, thanks to the positive report on His Majesty the King’s health, according to a survey conducted recently by Assumption University’s Abac Poll.

Despite political uncertainty and economic slowdown, Thai DGHI rose from 5.94 in September to 6.90 in October, which was the highest since the beginning of the year.

Noppadol Kannikar, director of Abac Poll, said the survey was conducted between October 29 and November 17 among 4,860 people in 21 provinces nationwide found that people’s happiness arisen from the improvement of King’s health topped the list, scoring 9.34 out of 10 full marks.

Happiness towards family atmosphere came second with 7.47 points followed by Thai culture which earned 7.44 points.

Three issues including the images of the present government and politicians, and the situation in the three troubled southern provinces ranked bottom on the list, said Mr. Noppadol.

The image of the current government scored 5.19, up from 4.88 in September, while the image of politicians and the bloody violence in the three restive provinces scored an identical 2.62, he added.


Sunday, November 18, 2007

Polish adoption

I came across this article this weekend about a family who adopted four children, at once, from Poland.

It's an interesting story you may want to check out for yourself.


Thursday, November 1, 2007

Current Thailand Adoption News

I don't know how common adoption is within Thailand, but an article in yesterday's "The Nation National" included the following sentence:

"The Cabinet also approved draft child-adoption legislation in line with the ministry's aim to encourage more Thai people, instead of foreigners, to adopt orphans and protect children's rights."

I agree that kids are better off being adopted within their own country and culture. I also selfishly hope there's one kiddo left for me. I'm not proud of feeling that way, but it's true. It's hard to hope for a referral while at the same time realizing that a referral means that a child is not being welcomed into a family in his/her home country. Adoption is so bittersweet. I think Kyle and I are a great team of 2...I can't wait for the adventure of a family of 3. I'm excited and sad at the same time. It's an odd feeling.