Sunday, October 21, 2007

Library Overload

I have been taking a short break from reading adoption books and have started reading books on parenting in general. I assume that once we're home with Critter, we won't have time or energy for reading much of anything, so my chance is now. I leave the library with armloads of books and spend nights flipping through pages, looking for books that are either informational (but not too basic), creative (but realistic) or thought provoking (but not wacko). There are a lot of terrible books out there. My goal is not to read every one, but to identify some keepers. I might save my back if I just spent a day at the library instead of lugging them all home with me in batches. But then I wouldn't be able to drink tea while I peruse...

I have found a few books that I like. (My favorite is the Mother's Almanac that my mom gave me, which she used while raising my sister and I. Thanks, Mom.) Additionally, the more I read, the more I realize that I already have formed my own ideas on how I want to parent, through my own upbringing and the adoption information I've been absorbing. So maybe I don't really need all of these books after all. (All our plans go out the window once we get home anyway, right?) The things I find myself worrying about most are the very simple, nuts and bolts questions like "What exactly do I need to pack in a diaper backpack?" - I've seen moms toting those bulging bags around, so the list must be long. The answer to that is not in any of my books. The ultimate mystery.



Hannah said...

Robin - I am a diaper bag queen, the secret is travel sizes of things - but there is a science to the whole thing. I'll fill you in whenever you want.

Anonymous said...

Here is a great website with a list.


Anonymous said...

the diaper bag...well it is dependend on multiple will always start with more than you need and then learn to trim down based on your child and what are the activities for the day...fortunately the older they get the less stuff you have to tote around...I try to shoot for the bare minimun necessary but I do keep a stach of emergency everything on the back of my car (or trunk) so I can always modify the bag as needed!

And yes you have dreams as to how to parent but that in it self is a journey on its own and very specific to the family and children...but you got the right idea get information to inform you and keep open mind and heart as to how to modify - you will know and when you don't then ask trusted friends and try what makes sense if it works great if it doesn't move on to the next technique!!! :)


Hirally said...

one more tought...this bag will be your purse - so make it a pretty one regret with my son's bag too plain and standard - I should have gotten the cool looking one...who cares is he was a boy - I'm the one wearing the bag! Yep, one of my items in the list this time around "sexy mama bag" - you can also get a daddy bag if he feels to self concious to carry a feminine bag! :)

Hirally (H)