Friday, September 7, 2007

Big Brother Binky

We read in Adoptive Families magazine this week that the cartoon "Arthur" on PBS was featuring an episode that dealt with an international adoption. We recorded the episode and watched it tonight.

Arthur's friend Binky finds out that he's getting a little sister from China. Much of the episode revolves around Binky getting used to the idea of being a big brother, but the details of the adoption are the closest to reality I've ever seen on television.

Binky and his family get to travel to China, and Binky is inevitably frustrated by all the waiting. Once his little sister comes home, be becomes concerned with wanting to become the center of his sister's universe.

It's nice to see a television show make such an effort to do an accurate portrayal of adoption, but it's only one out of millions of impressions made by the media each day. It would be interesting to see a television drama tackle this issue, but as numerous as adoptions are, pregnancy will always be easier for the audience to relate to...and goodness knows the media wouldn't want to muddle up a television plot with something as complicated as adoption :)


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Hirally said...

shoot...I forgot to TiVo it!!! I did read about it and forgot completely to set my TV to record it (actually a VCR we still live in the dark ages and don't own a TiVo). Did you get it recorded...maybe I'll write to PBS.