Saturday, August 25, 2007

Where's Thailand?

It's very easy for Robin and I to assume that everyone we know knows as much as we now do about Thailand. Truth is, most people don't know much about Thailand. One of the most common questions is "where is it?"
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Well, it's about as far away from Wisconsin you can get without getting on a rocket...8459 miles as the crow flies (it will be more than that on a plane).

The easiest way to describe where it is, without a map, is south of China and west of Vietnam (two points of reference many people may be familiar with).

Which leads me to think that it might be a good idea to have a cheat sheet in my pocket when I leave the house so I can easily show people where it is.

I don't think it's odd or inconsiderate for people to not know this kind of thing. I've read other adoption stories where I had to bring out a map to find out where some couples are adopting from.

I consider it part of the adventure of adoption to make the world a little smaller for everyone.

I'm particularly happy when people ask me a lot of questions about adoption and Thailand. Inevitably they'll say, "I"m sorry, do you mind me asking all of these questions?", to which I reply, "Are you kidding??...keep 'em coming!"

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Hannah said...

That's one reason I loved wearing my "Expecting From Thailand" Shirt. I always got to talk about the adoption. I thought that would continue when we brought Jesse home - but we've gotten the opposite reaction. People are SURPRISED to find out he's adopted. He's adorable and I would love to take credit for him....but look at the picture...come on? Right? :)