Sunday, August 12, 2007

Adoption Journal

I ordered an adoption baby book several weeks ago. I did some research online to find one I liked. I found surprisingly few options, but I think the one I got will be very nice. I like the graphics, and it's very open-ended. It would be appropriate for almost any adoption scenario I can think of. Domestic or international, infant or older child. Pages have lots of space to let parents write in the child's story. Pages include:
  • The Story of Your Adoption (Why we chose to adopt, How we found you, and Our hopes and dreams for you)
  • People who helped us find you
  • Waiting (Plans and preparations we made)
  • The Match! (How we found out, and How we celebrated)
  • Our Journey to You
  • Our Very First Meeting
The second half of the book is "Your First Year With Us", and has a page for each month of "memorable Moments and Milestones". There's pages to record the celebration of the first Adoption Day and the first Birthday.There's a nice family tree that is very adaptable to any family situation, and a second tree to for birth family information, or to decorate in honor of the child's birth family/country.

The only pages in the book that will not apply to us are in the "Firsts and Favorites" section, where there's space to record first word and the date of the first step. We'll adapt it to our situation. We'll keep a more extensive scrap book with all of the adoption information for our child, but this should be a nice little summary.


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Hannah said...

We received this book as a gift - I think it's really nice. I also bought a "scrapbook" type book that has sleeves in it. That way I can add things that I would put in a traditional babybook - like handprints, announcements published in different places....stuff like that.