Friday, July 13, 2007

Love in the Driest Season

On our trip to Alaska (which you can hear more about on Kyle and my personal blogs), I brought along Neely Tucker's family memoir Love in the Driest Season. I really liked this book. Tucker, a journalist, tells the story of their attempts to adopt their daughter from Zimbabwe while he was posted there. He also writes about some of his experiences traveling around Africa to report on conflicts across the continent. While this book is heartbreaking both in its discussion of the lack of resources orphanages to have to care for, or simply just keep children alive, it is also a sad commentary on the political situations in many parts of Africa. It was a book neither Kyle nor I could put down.

The Tucker family had to fight against so much governmental opposition to adopt their daughter, it made us feel very lucky. Read this book if you feel overwhelmed by putting together your dossier, and you'll never complain again!


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