Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Ling Bouvier

I saw a rerun of a Simpsons episode this week dealing with adoption. You can read the synopsis here.

Of course, the Simpsons is not a reputable source of accurate adoption information, so it was no surprise to see that there were a lot of misconceptions about adoption, in general.

I don't expect comedy writers to be responsible for being fair and even-handed on every issue. That's not their job.

So, while it's tempting to blame insensitive writers for perpetuating negative adoption stereotypes, I think its better to consider this a lesson in media literacy.

Whenever I watch a show about any particular issue, I'll assume the aim of the writers was not to inform me...rather, the goal was to entertain me.

Of course, I already muddled through all that media literacy stuff in grad school, but it's always fun to see it applied in real life.


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