Friday, June 1, 2007

USCIS Fees Increase

I'm glad we filed our I600A ("Advance Processing for Orphan Petition") already. That's the form we send to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. As of July 30, the fees will be increasing.

We paid $685 for filing and both of us to be fingerprinted. The new cost will, I think, be $830. From the fee schedule posted on the USCIS website, it looks like the new base fee of $750 includes the form and fingerprinting of the filer, and each additional adult living in the home pays $80 for fingerprinting.

Another change includes the possibility of getting one fee waiver if you need to get your I600A renewed because it's about to expire. We're going to probably need that, so woo hoo! The I171H (received upon approval of the I600A) is good for 18 months, but the fingerprinting is only valid for 15 months, so if we aren't assured of traveling by September 2008, we'll need to be refingerprinted and file for an extension.

Filing the I600 ("Orphan Petition" - once the child is identified) is still at no cost if you already have an approved I600A. Clear as mud? All the gory details are can be found in the press release put out by USCIS.


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