Sunday, June 24, 2007

Older Child Adoption

A lot of my reading lately has been adoption related. So many of the books I've read have been really general and I've skimmed a lot without learning things I haven't heard elsewhere. Older Child Adoption, by Grace Robinson, was a huge eye-opener. It had stunning accounts of the issues some families have had in adopting kids aged two and older. While the stories are (hopefully) on the far extreme end of the spectrum, it's good to at least know what to pay attention for. I don't think anyone can ever be prepared for the terrible situations families in this book had to handle. The author states that even a child as young as two, who has lived in a single foster home can have severe attachment problems. The majority of the cases in the book, however, seemed to involve older children, especially those who had multiple foster placements. I'm not sorry I read this book, but I'm definitely ready to read something more positive about adoption now.


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Anonymous said...

Hi you two, gosh I know what you mean, I keep drowning in books and I am certianly in need of some positives. There is one book I read more recently which fitted that area by being positive and uplifting and also educational, it is called Adopting Overseas, by Lucy and Ailsa Burns, via rockpool publishing, it is however Australian focused but has some great personal stories, oh and one of the authors adopted her two kiddies from thailand too.