Thursday, June 21, 2007


It may be awhile before the mail brings us all the papers we need to travel to Thailand to adopt our child, so in the meantime, it's nice to get an occasional adoption related present in the mail. We've purchased Adoptive Families before, but today we got our first one in the mail.

It's amazing how the selection of articles always seems to coincide with things we're talking about. I'm sure it's just coincidence since there are about a million things we're thinking and talking about all the time, so just about any adoption-related article they would write about would be relevant.



Glen and Andrea said...

Oh my goodness - I am so surprised to see there is a magazine on adoption. Adoption is so rare down here in NZ. Do you think there is anyway I could get a subscription?

Robin and Kyle said...

It looks from their website like you can get an International subscription for about $36/year (it is published every other month). Check out their subscription page:

Glen and Andrea said...

Hi Robin and Kyle, thanks for finding out about the magazine and giving the address - I've just bought a subscription now! I can't believe it! You guys are great and your blog has been very helpful for us. Wish we lived closer.