Tuesday, June 5, 2007


She's 16, she's from China, and her name is Yangfei (aka Kelly). Oh, and she's only staying with us for 3 weeks. =) OK, perhaps that was mean to lead you all on. (I seem to recall someone mentioning we should just go ahead and adopt a teenager, considering how long the whole adoption process takes, however!) We're actually quite excited - we just signed the paperwork to host an exchange student for three weeks during the end of July and the beginning of August. Kyle found out at work that there were 29 students from China who still needed host families and we talked about it, and got more excited the more we talked. Woo hoo! I think it'll be great to show her around Wisconsin. I've always wanted to host a student (ever since I returned from being an exchange student in Belgium for a year). The thing that's held us back is that we wanted to have kids around their age. But the woman leading the program assured us they really need families, and they will be with kids all day at ESL classes and on field trips. So, she's stuck with us at night and on weekends. And I hope she'll have lots of fun! We're starting to brainstorm ideas for activities so send us any good ideas.

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Gem and James said...

when i was growing up we often had language students(although from Japan)and I had the best time, although I was a kid i am sure you will have a similar experience, there is simply nothing nicer than sharing the sites and sounds of your local haunts with someone who has fresh eyes and excitement to make you see things afresh too.