Saturday, June 9, 2007


We got our appointment information in the mail for USCIS on Friday, so we'll have to take some time off work to go to Milwaukee to get our fingerprints taken in the coming weeks. Just another step in this long journey.

Robin and I are excited to be following another family who is actually in Thailand right now. It's an amazing gift to be following their adventures and see their pictures while they're still there. It helps to see that after all the waiting, adoptions actually happen.

The couple that lives next door is due to have their first baby any day now. It's interesting to watch them go through the preparations we will likely go through as our time arrives. It's also interesting to think that their child may actually be about the same age as our own.

Oh, I should mention that I had nothing to do with the previous post titled "IT'S A GIRL". That was a cruel tease formulated by Robin. We are both excited about Kelly's arrival. It's sure to shake up what would have otherwise been a rather status quo summer.


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Amy Holland said...

Hi Robin,

We are also waiting for a child referral from Holt! Your blog is great! I noticed that you had originally thought of adopting from Nepal. I read recently that as of May 14, 2007, that Nepal has suspended all intercountry adoptions until adoption law reforms are passed by the Nepali government. No indication was made of when that might occur. Wow - it would have been awful to be in the process and had THAT happen! Anyway - love your blog! See you on the Holt board or Thai list serve!

Amy Holland