Friday, June 22, 2007


A few weeks ago, I came across a forum hosted by our (wonderful) agency, Holt Int'l. There's a forum specific to Thailand that is really nice. I found a lot of the people whose blogs I was already reading post there. Anyone is welcome to join. There are adoptive parents who are adopting through other agencies than just Holt. There's also a mom who keeps a database:
"to promote better communication and cultural resources for our families...with children adopted from Thailand. The group is limited to those who already have adopted, or are in the process of adopting, Thai children, as well as adult adoptees from Thailand."
If you're a current or future Thailand AP who wants to connect with others, send an email to Julia Higgenbotham at to get more information. When I got the database today, I found there's a family who lives only miles away with a daughter from Thailand. (start humming "it's a small world" here...)

I feel lucky that we've found such a supportive and helpful group of people not just through the forum, but also the Yahoo Thailand listserv, and other great people out in blog-land. It's awesome to not go through any of this alone. It's made this journey seem normal and totally do-able. Thanks to all of know who you are!


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Hirally said...

i have been looking at your blog recently and reading some of your comments on the holt forum and wanted to tell you that you guys have a great setup!!

And you are definetly not alone!