Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Around the world

The red dots on this map represent all of the visitors our adoption blog has had in the last month. I know who some of the hits are in Alaska, Montana, the US Midwest, Belgium, Australia, and New Zealand. But most of the rest have me amazed. How crazy to be visited by people in Russia, China, and South America, for instance, when we don't know a soul who lives there. According to our web stats, 70% of you return for more than one visit, so don't be shy - leave a comment and tell us about yourself! Thanks for stopping by, and come again.

(If you're wondering, this image is from Google Analytics, which is a very sweet and easy way to see what traffic your site is getting.)


Janine said...

Hey guys, I am from New Zealand. I love reading your blog, and am so exited for you to be adopting from Thailand. My husband and I, are also interested in adoption from Thailand, but currently too young. So for the moment, am enjoying reading all the adoption blogs from those who are on this journey.
Wishing you all the best as your continue to wait for your referral.

Hannah said...

Hey Kyle and Robin,
We've been checking in from Thailand :)

Anonymous said...

hello it doesnt have a red dot for meeeeee im in the norhtern most tip of Australia :) Gem x

Glen and Andrea said...

That's so cool. I wondered how people got that info. It doesn't have my dot right down the bottom of NZ but I guess it just knows the country and puts it anywhere, 'cause Gemma's the same.

Glen and Andrea said...

Can you please help me. I went to Google analytics and signed up and got the code but I don't know where to paste it to.

Robin and Kyle said...

Hi G & A. Go into your dashboard, then into the Template, then into "Edit HTML". Scroll down through the HTML to the bottom, and paste the code ABOVE the lines that say "/body"
"/html" (< in place of the " - blogger won't let me post it that way)
Good luck!

I think some of the visitors get recorded as being from a particular country, but classified as "no city set" so there is no red dot for some people. I'm not sure why. At least it gives a rough idea.

Glen and Andrea said...

Thanks for the instructions. I did it and Google Analytics says it recognises our site and it is collecting the information but when I go to view reports it just says 0 for everything. Oh well.

Robin and Kyle said...

G&A, I don't know why it would be reading zero. Perhaps it takes a few days to get going, or...? Maybe there's a help section in the G. Analytics page that has an idea. Good luck!