Friday, May 11, 2007

Sharing Session

This week, Kyle and I were required to attend what our social worker called a "sharing session". We were told we'd get to meet families who had recently returned home with their children and hear about their experiences. (We're also required to attend when we come home from Thailand.)

We didn't really know what to expect but looked forward to hearing firsthand from families who have recently become parents through adoption. One of my concerns is that we're going to be jumping into parenthood at the toddler stage without really knowing what we're doing.

When we arrived at the session, there were no other waiting adoptive parents, and only one family who has recently returned home with a new child. The family was very nice, with 2 older biological sons and a son and daughter from Mongolia. Their kids were great and they were obviously a happy, fun family. The session, however, wasn't really structured as much as we anticipated, and we didn't realize we should have come with more questions. They had good information to share about their experiences with attachment and bonding, and language development, but they were in a very different position than we're going to be in, in that they were already experienced parents before they adopted their first child.