Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Off to D.C.

The dossier process isn't complete, but it's getting closer. Today we completed a number of steps that get our dossier on its way to Washington D.C.

Robin and I each took some time off work to pick up our home study, notarize a couple parts of it, run some photo copies, and get the dossier authenticated by the Wisconsin Secretary of State.

I was nervous going into the day because of the precision required with this paperwork, and the fact that Robin wasn't going to be with me. I was confident I was going to screw something up. To this point, I don't think I did.

Our social worker's office was nice enough to help us get photocopies of some of the documents. Once Robin and I went though all the new papers we got at the social workers' office, I went straight to the Wisconsin State Department office. I submitted our paperwork for certification, and immediately asked if I should stay in Madison for the day to pick it up, or if I should plan on coming back the next day. They hesitated and said they weren't sure (which is crap...they knew), but for a mere $25, they would complete it on the spot. I was not happy about them extorting $25 out of me, but I was not ready to spend the time and money to return to Madison again this week. It may have cost more, but this way, the dossier was in the mail on its way to Washington D.C. by 11:30 this morning.

So, now it's in the hands of the U.S State Department and the Thai Embassy in D.C. If all goes well, we should get the dossier back from them pretty quickly. Then the real waiting begins.

I had more friends and co-workers asking me about the adoption process today. I'm so glad people are curious and supportive. I feel quite lucky.



Hannah said...

Congrats! You doing all the running around - is that by choice? Or is that how it's done in WI? I don't recall us having to deliver things like that.

You'd probably spend more than $25 in gas going to and from Madison these days :)

Gem and James said...

glad to hear things are moving along, I know exactly how you must be feeling right, hurry up and wait and all that malarky. Gem x

Robin and Kyle said...

The running around is a strategic decision. It requires some time off of work, but this way, it's done days, if not weeks, faster...and we're not leaving our fate in the hands of bureaucrats.

That may turn out to be the best $25 I've spent.