Friday, May 11, 2007

Mother's Day

Kyle's mom gave me a great Thai cookbook as an early Mother's Day present. I don't feel like a mom yet, even though I think of Kyle and I as being "paper pregnant", and there's a very real possibility that our kiddo is already born. As excited as I am, I feel like it's not really real. Not that I won't really be a mom, but that the adoption isn't really happening. It's so strange to have a family via lots of official paperwork. (Although the dossier we submit to the Thai government has about 19 official documents, including 10 typed pages of our life story, the official Thai application for adoption is only 5 short pages long. It feels strange to fill out only 5 pages to request the honor of welcoming a child from another country into our family!) There are still so many unknowns, especially how long it will be before we'll be able to bring our little one home. In the meantime, however, Kyle and I will certainly enjoy the tasty recipes in our new cookbook as we wait.

- Robin


Glen and Andrea said...

That was so touching of your mother-in-law to think of that. I feel quite envious as this has been an issue (or non-issue) for us with neither of our familes giving us anything yet and we have been in the process for 21 months. I feel quite desparate for people to recognise us as at least parents to be. Your Mother-in-law sounds like a caring person. You might have lots more treats in store.

Robin and Kyle said...

Hi Andrea,
Happy Mother's Day to you!! Kyle and I are very lucky to have supportive and understanding families. I think you should still proudly celebrate - it cal help people understand and bring them around. I love your idea of planting a tree.