Sunday, May 27, 2007


Robin and I are starting to think about all the things that will change when we have a little one in the house, and we're starting to think of the cars we have in the driveway. I have an aging Ford Ranger that isn't really useful for transporting kids.

So, after some searching and discussions, I think we've settled on getting the Honda Fit.

Unfortunately, there aren't many around, so we still need to test drive one to make sure it is what we think.

Honestly, I thought we'd go with a larger car, but we've decided to try following the philosophy we use with our house: "If you have less space, you'll need less space". The "Fit" has more space than Robin's Honda Civic, so that's a bonus (the Civic is getting on in age as well). And, of course, it gets much better fuel economy than any larger car (as dictated by the laws of physics).

We're not in any hurry to buy a car. There's really nothing wrong with the ones we're driving. We just want to have some idea of what we want before the day arrives that we have a disabled vehicle and need to make a quick decision.


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