Thursday, May 10, 2007


Robin and I are planning an adoption paperwork blitz...the only problem is we don't know when it's going to start.

We are waiting on the final touches to be put on the formal home study, which should happen at any time. When it does, we're going to drop what we're doing, and do the following:

1) Drive to Madison to pick-up the home study.
2) Get a few sheets of the dossier notarized.
3) Run photocopies of the notarized pages to go with the rest of the dossier copies.
4) Go to the State Department in Madison for certification.
5) Pray they can turn it around that same day.
6) Fed Ex the dossier straight to D.C. for State Department and Thai Embassy authentication.

With some luck, all of those stages will be done in the same day, saving us a couple days of relying on the mail. It may require the use of a day off work, but I'm ready to pay that price.

The "hurry up" will soon turn into "wait".


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