Saturday, April 7, 2007


Since the arrival of all our paperwork, we have been extremely productive. Earlier this week we mailed the social worker all of our questionnaires (parental, educational, adoption, etc.) We also each completed autobiographies. This was a difficult process, but we managed to get it done. We were told to keep them to about 7 pages each, and that 13 would be too much. I ended up writing 15.5 pages, and Robin wrote 13. It's hard to cram your life story onto a dozen sheets of paper!

We're not sure if we're breaking any speed records with our work, but it seems like we're moving pretty quickly. I'm really glad we've taken the time to prepare ourselves for the process by getting caught up on all the other things in our lives before starting the adoption process. We feel that we can really dedicate a lot of time to it right now. We're also realizing that this may be a "hurry up and wait" process, which we were pretty much expecting.

After filling out all of these questionnaires, we also now realize that this exercise wouldn't be a bad thing for all parents to go through. The actual papers with the writing on them may not even be a valuable as the mere process of thinking and writing responses. It really forces you to think about what kind of parent you want to be. For us it really solidified the philosophies we already knew we wanted to live up to.

We're expecting our home visit to happen in the coming weeks, so my job right now is to get the house ready. Robin has put together a list of all the things that need to happen to get our house ready for children. There are no large projects, just a handful of small ones.

Take note of the adoption blogs Robin has placed on the right of this page. It's fun to read through these to see what other people are going through. It's such an interesting process and the similarities and differences can be fascinating.

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