Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Speeding along

We're getting a lot of good news over a very short period of time.

We got a draft of our home study yesterday and read through it. The study is basically done...in fact, our social worker also forwarded a copy to our agency, which already approved it. The agency is sending us the papers we need to get our dossier moving. To have the home study done only a little more than a month after we started it is great! We're very excited.

Meanwhile, we have most of the papers for our dossier ready...we're just waiting for the official home study before sending it out on its approval world tour.

We're under no illusions about how long this process will take, but our speedy progress still feels good. The faster we move when the situation is in our control, the better.



Hannah said...

Hi Robin and Kyle - thanks for posting to my blog. Nice to see there are more and more of us around. Where in WI are you? We are in the Northwest burbs of Chicago. I can't wait to read about your journey.
I'll have to go and catch up on the details :)

Robin and Kyle said...

Hi Hannah, We're in southern WI, near Janesville, so not too far from you. =)

Anonymous said...

Hello Hello from Downunder in Aus - thank you so much for visitng my blog, thats fantastic news you are about the same point we are, except due to my partners deployment we have done all our paperwork already signed and at the unit it is just waiting the SW to add the report to it, then get its stamps at thia embassy and off it goes. Aus only adopts from the thai governemtn orphanages, is that the same for you or do you have a wider catchment of the private orphanages too? I will update blog with the paretn course from the weekend and let you know, it sounds interesting. Oh and I love cocker spaniels, they also GREAT with kiddies. Gem x

Hannah said...

Cool :) I went to college at Beloit so I'm up there every so often. Nice we are close enough to maybe meet one day.